2018-11-04 04:23:59

dang it, I can’t really find her temples, or find out how to get to do your teeth or bound to use in rewards. However, I have everyone has the best melee weapons, and I have around 41,000 gold. I can’t remember exactly what I gave them, but it isn’t half bad, in my opinion. It would be better, if my best fighter didn’t only have 14 strength, instead of the like 18 or 20 that it had before.   also, I’m happy, they go to take out the people who have won, and for health before they try and get my purse and with 7 to 3to health, so I win fights extremely easily.   is there anyway to play this game online, without sending in with an Amazon account? I guess I would probably have to start over, but that might make my life easier

hello everyone. so theres this game called fortnight in the sighted community, i am sure you heard of it. Well i like making mods for games using those sounds. If you want to ask questions or such, forum pm me and/or send me e-mails at my e-mail.
[email protected]

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2018-11-04 19:27:25

if one of your characters is so badly hurt and with crappy stats, you might think about taking all their good equipment off and getting someone new at a hiring hall somewhere. Look for someone with much better starting stats and replace.

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2018-11-05 05:23:58

Thanks for the thoughts! Sorry things have slowed down on the game. I kind of lost my stride when the forum hiccuped. There were some good ideas there I didn't get captured in my issue tracker.

I'm glad to know people are still playing. I've gotten a little despondent about it all. I'm giving a talk in Berlin in early December on "What We Wish We’d Known About Making Audio Games". I wish I had more inspiring things to say to people so there would be more games like this. I was listening to one of my favorites SciFi audio books on a business trip recently, and it made me want to go back and implement all those plans I had for StarLanes. As it is we're nearly pulling teeth to get one client who bought a licensed version of Six Swords to pay up.

Enough of me moaning. You can always throw money at buying wishes to increase your character's stats. That's 100,000 a pop and things like Strength, Constitution and Dexterity have big game effects.

I've got 50+ open items in my issue tracker. What are the most important fixes or features to you?

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2018-11-05 16:09:16

I trust your judgment and think you probably know best. I think more cool alternate worlds would be neat or more dungeon types, but I think you have better ideas than I do.

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2018-11-05 18:04:20

I need to give this game another shot. I haven't played in forever. I have a question about the premium version. How do I obtain it? Do I have to pay for it on your website? What do you get with premium?

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.

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2018-11-05 20:00:00


So I tried the web version of this game. I must have missed something, because I don't see anything that says link account. I was already signed into Amazon at the time andI had Alexa as an app on my iPhone. What am I missing? I alsotried going to the page with the microphone afterh confirming that there was no link an account link on my page. It keeps saying try again after I enter the phrase open Six Swords. The skill is enabled.

they who reach the top, boy, must first climb the hill

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2018-11-06 16:31:20


I got the game to work on my iPad, I think. It looks interesting. Yesterday was a  case of not following explicit instructions--again. I'll continue exploring and see what I find.

they who reach the top, boy, must first climb the hill

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2018-11-08 03:50:37

Hey Chris, in large towns (or just to the North of the starting point) you can find a tri-form arch. Entering this will give you an opportunity to move to the premium content area. There's a bit of back-and-forth with Amazon and you have to approve a subscription of $1 a month. After that you will be teleported to the premium content area.

I think you get a week or two for free. If you cancel before that time, you won't be charged. You can cancel through the companion app or, I think, by saying "cancel subscription", in the game. If you have difficulty with it, drop me a line and I'll sort you out. I don't want anyone to pay of they don't think it's worth it.

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2018-11-14 22:27:12

have to tell you guys of the supervillain that was the boss of a group of evil creatures infesting an abandoned tower.

My adventurers had just battled through dragons and specters to get to the tower dungeon, and then we stepped inside. The rooms were in total shambles, ruined without a trace of a person in sight. My heroes wondered, what sort of evil could've done this?

They explored, looking for the key to the mystery, and then, in the laboratory, they found the boss monster, the one responsible for all this terrible ruination.

1 mule.

Of course! It had to be such a foul creature, there were no others in the castle to blame. The adventurers struck at the abomination and exacted vengeance for the cataclysm that had happened here.


It was perhaps the funniest dungeon experience I've had so far, even moreso than the wolly rhinos in the animal den.

I'd like to hear funny dungeon adventure stories from you guys too.

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2018-11-30 05:18:19

Just checking in folks. Apparently 6 Swords is one of the few skills with premium content on Alexa. Their marketing people are keen on promoting it since Amazon gets a slice of any revenue. The price for promoting it is making the premium content a little more in your face. I'm not extremely happy about that. I'd rather create content that drew people in rather than was pushed at people. But promotion really helps grow the community.

So I'm just giving a little head's up that there will be a few changes. If you aren't a premium subscriber, you may see it mentioned a bit more. It will also be more prominently mentioned on the web page and in the intro as well. I just want you to know that I'm not going totally commercial here. The free area will always be free, and I'm setting it up so the mentions of premium get less and less frequent over time. There aren't going to be more restrictions on what is there to try to force people to pay. That's not what this is about.

If you are a subscriber, you shouldn't see the messages at all. If you do, let me know. Or if you think the messages are over the top, also let me know. I'll see if I can find a way to negotiate toning them down.

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