2018-11-09 05:57:47

As the title says, a Black Ops 4 Zombies guide has been created. Currently, it's a detailed overview about Zombies. I plan to write up a menu guide, probably this weekend. I'll post the link here, as well as the link to the audio games subreddit, where it will be posted as well.



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2018-11-09 10:17:36 (edited by igggggoreha 2018-11-09 10:18:34)

hello! is there information about  zombie modes in black ops 3 and WWII?   i have  black ops 3 and world war 2  and i want to understand how to play. i have ps4 versions of these games. best regards!

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2018-11-10 00:48:48

I'm really tempted to try that out now... is it really worth full price though if we're just playing zombies? Or should I wait for it to go on sale.

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2018-11-10 03:52:19

Ah I have that one now. Was sent to me. I'm already taking a look at it. I'm mad at myself because I missed a $49 price on eBay. Hope it comes back for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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2018-11-10 05:21:15

did you complete the zombie mode? or is this just a level or two than you finished? if you completed the entire mode I will be picking this up

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2018-11-10 05:39:40

Zombies isn't something you can really complete. You go for number of kills and how high of a round you can get to.

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2018-11-10 10:31:37

ahhh hmmm didn't know that, thought it was like a side story mode....well when it drops in price to like 20bucks i'll pick it up, and yes I know that will be a long time from now lol

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2018-11-10 18:40:58


It's up to you, but zombies mode alone has a bunch of content, things to unlock, etc etc. I don't even play multiplayer.

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2018-11-10 19:37:07

Is this guyd also working for Xbox one?, and I also like to see a guyd for black ops 3

Sorry for my very stupit spelling and english

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2018-11-10 20:59:09

Yes It's for Xbox1 as well. I personally won't be writing a guide for Black Ops 3, but maybe someone else will.

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Yesterday 00:10:57

Is there a demo version of this game available? Or could someone please make a demonstration on how to play it? I only would pick it up if someone would do a gameplay on it, because just reading this text guide doesn't really encourage me to buy it.

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Yesterday 06:37:35

The text guide has a link to TJ's Youtube channel. You can hear him playing black ops on there.

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Yesterday 09:16:53

kudos and major props to ross and tj on this guide. it was beautifully written, and tj gameplay vid gave me a good feel of how playing zombies will work. without a doubt I will be picking this game up, once I find it for a very cheap price

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Yesterday 13:27:17

Yeah count me in. Was going to wait until Black Friday but got convinced to pick it up early. Only played a tiny bit so far but I like what I've played. Still don't have a ton of idea what I'm doing haha.


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Yesterday 16:54:15

Really nice guide indeed. I'm just not sure on how much playability I'll get out of this. I think I'll wait to the price drops.

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Yesterday 18:22:13

For those on Xbox, I would be happy to play with you guys. My gamertag is RossMinor. If you're on PS4, I'm sure TJ would be happy to play with you.

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Today 01:03:25

So the guide says there's sounds for guns/doors/perks...I so don't hear them.  Arg.  haha.  I want to get better boomsticks.  smile.

Can I turn down environment sounds to help with the location of better ordinence?

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Today 03:34:57

What map are you playing on? They're only on Voyage of Despair and IX.

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