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Hi there, my name is Jackie from Canada. I play a lot of audio games, and would love to join in on the discussions here. I came here often without an accountto look up tips for games I was and am playing, and thought I'd love to join in on the discussions. Take Care, Jackie. I'm on twitter as well @jackie_rumble


Hi Xenothrax, I believe I recall your previous post.
Sorry for the problems with the forum, they've been a major annoyance all around.

Either way, your account is now unrestricted once again.


Hi Xenothrax, I believe I recall your previous post.
Sorry for the problems with the forum, they've been a major annoyance all around.

Either way, your account is now unrestricted once again.


Hello, I'm Zenothrax. I previously made an account on the forum, which apparently doesn't exist anymore (probably because it was lost during the site's downtime.)


Hi Rand and welcome, Btw, is your usename a reference to the Dragon reborn?
Hope you have fun on the forum.


hello. I just registered, and I am interested in posting on the forem. I have scene afew un answered questions regarding some of the games that I play. thake feer for example. It was just released, and some people have questions. My name is Andrew, and I look forward to giving, and recieveing any information that can be usefull for us to enjoy our games. gameing has always been a hobbie of mine, and I hope that in the future we can build some great titles. this is not ot say, that the ones we have aren't good, its just this market kneeds to see some more growth.


@moonspun you are now unrestricted. I am also happy to report that you are the first member that I have had the chance to ever unrestrict, so this has given me quite a warm fuzzy feeling as well. It's a shame that the warm fuzzy feeling won't heal hitpoints in real life the way it does on some of our popular text-based muds such as Alter Aeon!


Hi there.

So, I'm me, definitely not a robot, and am hoping I can be unrestricted soon before I have a melt down trying to complete a quest in AHC! Pretty please help? Or unrestrict me so I can go post? Thank you!


@rwbeardjrrwbeardjr, hi and welcome, hope  you have fun.

@Arjan, I wonder if it was because with the forum breaking recently everyone was restricted from posting? either way things seem okay now.

@cooltirk, the problem is that only admin level forum accounts can change member status, there is no capacity to let ordinary moderator level accounts do this at the moment.

When this system was introduced Richard and Sander said they'd look at fixing that and adding the permission for mod accounts, but that hasn't happened as yet so we might have to have another think about things.


Just curious, is @Dark still the only mod that can unrestrict accounts?

That's probably something that really aught to be resolved by now, he's not always around, which is quite understandable.

There's this thing called a life outside of the internet after all.


Hi Dark, I'm not quite sure why but I was in fact restricted. It did seem to have been fixed but the website was definitely rather vocal about me needing to introduce myself first. Perhaps that went away right after I did post something, I don't recall but it could've been the case. Just letting you know in case there are others who might have the same problem.

Alright, will let everyone get back to their introductions now!


Hello all. My name is Rich Beardsley and I am  16 years old  and will be turning 17 this October. to the gaming world, I am known as rwbeardjr.  I play games both on and offline, and I use TeamTalk. I have my own server. Please PM me if you would like to join it. Thank you for having me on the forum


Okay Vader, I have deleted the merrycharlie61 account, and updated your Darth Vader account with the new email address from that one, easier than changing accounts etc methinks, plus you get to hang on to your karma and post count and what not.
Any problems let me know.

Actually, your the second person requiring an email address change I've seen recently, maybe we ought to start a new topic like the name requests one, or at least have something in the faq.


K, here’s your proofe. Lol. Thanks to me being an idiot i can no longer access my old email meaning all my forum subscriptions on this account are effectively useless, so either a name / email change or just a strate up deletion of this account would be nice.


@Steph sorry for the late arrival of  your approval, I was away over the weekend but your account is unrestricted so hope you have fun here.

@Hereisnous, same goes for you as well, I'm sorry its taken a little longer than usual, but your account is now unrestricted, so feel free to discuss cavemen, and mammoths, and the Simon game, and Cavemen called Simon who played games with mammoths, like where you had to shoot your flint arrows at only the mamoths who trumpeted at you, and other such things big_smile.

@Ceiling Feeling, welcome, we  certainly have a lot of tecky stuff around here as well as the games, so you should be right at home.

@Nishhhsmiles, welcome to you as well, hope you have fun here, make friends and get to play some great games.

To Mike Font and Arjan, your accounts are already unrestricted, introductions are welcome, but your already free to post anywhere else on the forum. Remember, the data crash only affected the last couple of weeks, nothing before, and since you both created accounts long ago they're absolutely fine, any problems let myself and the other mods know, other than that just feel free to have fun, indeed nice to see you back here again Arjan.

@merrycharlie61, aka Darth Vader, I'm afraid deleting accounts is a complicated business. I'd prefer in fact to reassign your email address and maybe rename your darth vader account than delete it and start a new one, after all, all account details can be changed on the forum and we already have an active renames pollicy. I suggest you login with your dathvader account and discuss the matter there, either that or send an email to myself and the mods, particularly since unless you were! discussing the matter with the Darth vader  account we have no evidence that you are! actually darth vader, ----- which is not a sentence I ever thought I'd write big_smile.

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