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hello. Ok my name is elliot, i barely have no one to have a laugh with. People would rather be with there friends and not me. Just sending this message is asking myself, will i at least be a friend to anyone and make more friends? Love you all,


robomastr42 and sirena, welcome to the forums! You're now free to post. Have fun.

@Inted1997: sorry about this, but could you please give us a bit more about yourself? Just tell us a bit about yourself and your interests, maybe games you played, how you found us, etc. It's just so we know you aren't a spammer, as some of them are devilishly sneaky nowadays ... Thanks.


Hello, I new to this forum and would like to connect with members, gather some ideas and why not bring my contribution.


Hi guys, I've been around the audio gaming world for ages. I'm always on the lookout for fun new things to play. and sometimes not so new things to play once again. Been blind since i was 3, though i've tried to not let that hold me back. loved playing mortal kombat back in the day, when it was a lot simpler than it currently is. lol. Well, onwards and upwards with my atempt at playing the blood rain. keeps killing me off before i even get anything good. tongue


Not really sure what to put here, other than i’m a huge tech infusiest, love computers and all that, though screen readers took some adjusting after losing my sight in late 2017.
I was doing some googling a few months ago hoping to find some accessible mainstream games i could play since i never really got over titles sutch as GTA and call of duty, not to mention world of war craft on ios and sometimes clash of clans when i was in the mood for it. Anyways i digress, what i was trying to say was i was doing some googling, when i ran into this forum. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about audiogames, and once i grasped the basics, i started trying out various different games, the main ones that peaked my intrest being a blind legend, audiogame hub, and dice world for ios, and for pc i’ve mostly just been addicted to bk3, been trying to beat the dam thing for a few weeks at least.
Anyways, that’s my story. Sorry if i bored any of you guys with my rantings, i’m well known for my long ass posts especially on gaming forums or anything else that doesn’t put me to sleep.


cool thanks! I surely look forward to having fun


@areyen welcome to the forum, you are also now unrestricted, and the same goes for mjonsson1986 as well, so welcome both of you.


yo gamers, moderators and admins. My name is areyen mcjohnson, and i live in germany. It so happens i'm a game creator and beta tester of other games, i make my own programmes and i like sitting with people who tell me things that make me not only interested, i also support game developers and spread information about there games to get more entertainment on the go. If anyone has any questions well, i'll answer when i'm free but believe you me, i leave no question unanswered. Have fun all


is this still actual? if so. my name is mattias 32 old man from sweden. i most paly a heros call audiogame. i love computers most chromebooks


@Blindgamer28: hi and welcome to the forums. Your account is now unrestricted. Have fun discussing games.


Yo hi and hello! I am Aloysius from India.  just moved to Uk. And I am blind.  I am playing audio  games since 2 years  I like to play side scrolar games.  Aaa yeah  I am 16years old and yeah bye and enjoy.


aw thank u sebby! I'll have fun laughing at things i check out, and i feel glad i joined.


Hi @Anthony12. Welcome to the forum. You've been unrestricted and can begin posting wherever you like. There are certainly lots of people on here discussing games. Have fun.


hello audiogame company, my name is anthony thomas and i live in north wales. Ok my english isnt a hundred percent as yr english. I was first in south africa but i came to north wales for uk is rather ok so people told me. I'm blind from birth, and i love audiogames. It'd be great having help with games i get stuck on, and i'll be happy to be apart of a gaming community who help out. Lol i no this should of been interesting but i am happy to make new friends.


@MegaCharizard: hi and welcome to the boards. You're free to post where you like. There's plenty of discussion about audio games on here, of course, and it's generally a nice place to hang out. Have fun.

@an idiot: hi and welcome back. Sounds like you'll be a valuable contributor to this place. We could all use some honest fun.

You said you have had accounts beforehand. Would you tell us which those are, so we can look into what happened to them? If we could examine your posting history, for instance, we might be able to understand what exactly happened and take the necessary steps to restore your level of access to them. Cheers.

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