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Hi i come from german. I play swamp and i would like to discuss about audiogames.


Well defend away, though remember we prefer if people keep things civil, also if you feel like hanging about and checking other games and topics feel free.


Hi, I'm just here to post to defend myself in a thread.  I'm just a guy from Michigan who plays Alter Aeon.


thanks man, i like thoes signatures though


Hello and welcome.

[wow] Saiahz, I think your our first member from Samoa. If you love audiogames your definitely in the right place though.


sup, i am saiahz the beast, my real name is josaiah mafi, I am from samoa, whitch is a little island that is in the world some where :d, i have just discovered the jois of audio games, like red spot, so sad he discontinued it but yeah, i hope to gane some frends and hope to help if i can,


Thanks Dark and btw, I love the signatures you set. Rage on!!


Greetings and welcome. feel free to contribute as much or as little as you wish, certainly space muds are appreciated here.
Hope whatever you do you have a good time on the forum.


Hi, I am Cerulean, long time reader and fan of the forum. I do not post on the forums very often, but I often enjoy reading the postings here. I am a host for a popular space MOO and I find that to be very enjoyable and satisfying. I am a student coder and I hope to bring our community some fun things in the future.


Don't worry, it was a legitimate criticism given the time you'd been waiting and I didn't take it as rude.


Oh, sorry, didn't know about the issues. Sorry for that quite rude comment, didn't wanna behave like that. smile


Sorry people for the extended wait.

Things have been a trifle crazy over the past few days due to my wife getting a new guide dog and some shenanigans on the forum, but I have now approved everyone's accounts.

Sorry for the longer than usual wait, but hope you all have fun on the forum now, and definitely looking forward to seeing any newly released games.


Yeah, but it would be much easier if they approved us. I saw dark online still yesterday, but nothing really happened...



I understand that the spam-bots are roaming in every forum out there.
Once i had to remove 17 000 fake ID's from my own wiki site. For a few
seconds i felt very popular, but that was somewhat an illusion. All the bots
were using gmail wink

So, I am terribly sorry for certain individuals for private messaging
them for posting rights! Sorry for that, it took me time before I found out
how the forum moderators recognize the bots.

I am a game developer from finland and we have released a 3d
audio game and I'd like to post more information about it on the
new releases room.

Thank you for the forum,
and give us feedback!

Cincerely yours,
Ilpo Jääskeläinen


Hi. I am simter.

On anyaudio, i am known as simterplay. I am here because i want to discus about audiogames and stuff like this and even introduce my own ones if they will come out ones. I already have a website: It is mainly hosting a 2d platformer maps repository.

Greatings simter

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