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Hello. I'm Nikolett from Hungary, really love gaming and that's one of the reasons why i registered here. At first i was only reading the topics, but after i won one of the copies of Tomb hunter, i decided to create an account as well.


Hi Patrick. Hope you have fun on the forum discussing audiogames.


My name is Patrick. I don't know if people'll like my username, but I just figured I would come in here to the forum and say hello.
I am a 13 year old from Kansas.
Hope you have a good day.


Hi Saqib and welcome. This forum is definitely the right place to get information on audiogames, so hopefully you'll have fun while your here. Any questions feel free to ask, or just check the site faq.


hello, my real name is, saqib mir
and i joined this forum for any information on audio games


@clayvligon, hello and welcome to the forum, would you mind just saying a word or two about whether your interested in the subject of this forum? That is audiogames. Sorry to be so precise but we've had issues with spambots in the past.

@mhr91358 welcome to the forum, this is the place to come if your interested in audiogames, and your certainly not our first member from Egypt.
Hope you have fun.


hi, i am mohammed hossam radwan, i am egyptian, i have 15 years old, i was reading on audiogames forum before i registor so i have an idea how the forum works and i hope to be allowed soon, thx ,


Hi My name is Clay and I am from Montreal Canada. Professionally I am a Digital Marketing strategist and when I am not doing anything I love to play soccer.




Greetings apollo, hope you enjoy being around this forum now you've graced us with your godly presence big_smile.


Hi everyone.
this is obviously my first post but I have been reading the forum since around 2016 and finally got around to registering recently.
I need to comments around forum.
have a good day


Hi Alberto.

Welcome to the forum, if you love audiogames this is the right place, and Ios and Android certainly get their share of discussion. Hope you find this a good place to be.


Hello to all I am Alberto, I enjoy playing audio games, and enjoy helping as much as I can.  I also Love android and IOS and would be glad to help anyone with questions with either platform.


@Vazbol Hello and welcome to the forum, there are plenty of Mud fans around here (indeed I need to do a writeup for lost souls myself), so hopefully you  find this a good place to be.

@juan  welcome as well, there is certainly no shortage of people who enjoy action games etc, I'm  getting back into swamp myself, so hopefully you'll also have fun on the forum.


hello guys i'm realy not good at riting things, But i'll try my best. My name is Juan reina, and and i'm 16 i've been plaiyng audiogames for ten yeares now, love games FPS games, action games and beet em ups. don't like muds or text bayst games or any thing like that. I hope thats enough to give me access, or at least a pass O, and I don't like it when people are being meen to each other I se alot of that on this forrum I'm telling you it's not going to be any of that with me.

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