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Hi papierek and welcome.

Hope you have fun on the forum  discussing Swamp and other games.


Hello guys! I am just papierek, it's mean a small piece of paper in polish. Meybe some guys know me from swamp or other games. I am 21 now, and i am interested in IT, programming and sports, especially showdown. Now, i am learning on polish and japanese academy of computer science, it's one of the best IT university in Warsaw.


Hi and welcome.
I definitely sympathise on the procrastination front big_smile.
People here play alsorts of things, and though playing fighting games by audio is discussed, its not the main focus of the site, so hopefully you'll find some fun games to try out, also perhaps ideas on sound and music.

any questions just ask, or check the faq in general game discussion.


Hello all,

My name is Stephen. I am a wannabe developer. Unfortunately I tend to be easily distracted and lack focus. I have ideas, then I get bored and have new ideas. I dip my hand in multiple genres, but I'm most interested in making long form RPGs in the tradition of Final Fantasy. Also sound effects and music really aren't my thing so that's a hurdle too.

I'm not a good self-manager. I would benefit from someone with a stick to beat me around the head when I stray.

As for games I like to play: RTS and RPGs mostly. I have been truly blind for only a handful of years, and when I could see I also loved fighting games. Yeah, I know, blind gamers still play them just fine, but it's hard for me to get into them anymore for personal reasons probably not shared by other blind gamers. Maybe I'd enjoy them more if I had another blind gamer to rely on for information and whatnot, but I don't know.

I never really cared for FPSs. That never held my interest. I liked a few, but not many.

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope I can be a productive member here in the future.



Sorry about this rather late response.
Your certainly extremely welcome, indeed as an Erion fan myself I'd love to discuss the mud and ways to improve it.
Hope you have fun on here.


Hello everyone!

My name is Aelyn, I'm the owner of the MUD "Erion". A kind player posted about the MUD on this forum and I thought I'd chip in on the conversation.

Thank you for having me smile



Hmmm not a bot you say? That sounds like bot talk to me big_smile.

Seriously welcome to the forum. There is certainly plenty of discussion of muds etc around here so hopefully you'll have a good time.


Hello everyone! I signed up a while ago, and love to play multiple audiogames, muds, and other friendly games for the blind. I am most definitely not a bot! big_smile


Hi Mikaela and welcome.
If you would like to have your account unrestricted so you can post elsewhere on the forum, please say a little more so we can be sure your actually a human being and not a spambot program.

We don't need a novel or your life history, just something that sounds a bit unique, for example are you interested in the subject of this forum, that is audiogames? and if so what sorts of games your interested in or looking for? maybe a word or two about you EG which country you come from or the like if you wish, just anything that lets us know your not planning to flood the forum with advertising posts ;D.

Sorry to be so exacting, but with just your name its slightly difficult to tell, and since we have had troubles with spambots in the past hopefully you can understand why we're being careful.


Hi.. I am Mikaela Yu


Hello and welcome to the forum. We're always interested in answering questions about games here. I will say this site is more about audio based computer games and games that are accessible with screen reading software, which means mostly independent games though there is  some discussion of playing graphical games by sound alone as well.

feel free to ask any questions and browse the database at the front of this site and people will be glad to help.


Hi everyone!

We´ve started this account from our workplace. We work a at place called StoCKK that stands for Stockholm Center for Communicative and Cognitive support.

Me and my associate work a lot with games and accesibility. We meet patients that are unable to control games for various reasons including motorskills, speech diificulties variyng cognitive aspects and so on. We have some experiences with patients that are more or less blind often as one of many problems. We have been interested in the audible aspect of games for a long time and now we have some patients with questions regarding vision and games.


@kuzmanovicaleksa3,  Hello and welcome to the forum.

this is not the right part of the forum to ask that sort of question. this topic is for introductions. I will unrestrict your account so you can post in the right place since I doubt a spambot would be talking about Gta and screen readers, but please remember next time to make sure you post topics in the right place.

Any questions about the forum feel free to ask, or Check the site and forum faq here


hello i want know does it possible to navigate in gta 5 menu using screen reader.
i want to change controls alone without any other person.
is it possible?


Welcome yes,
Restricted not, anymore.

Have fun, hope you will big_smile.

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