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Hi Garry and welcome to the forum.

your account is now unrestricted so you can post anywhere on the forum. I suggest you go to the general game discussion area and post your  questions there, since it's likely people will be able to help with xbox etc, also don't forget there are many great, fully accessible games for Pc that you can play yourself, just check out the database on the front page and  the new releases room.

Hope you have a good time here.


Hello everybody I am almost totally blind.  I am a beginner on the x box one s, and can someone show me how to play games step by step . can anybody tell me where I can purchase the Kinect sensor, and Kinect adaptor for the cheapest price


"Sebastian, hello and welcome. I've heard of gameport myself, though I'm afraid my German is none existant so I haven't checked the site out big_smile.
Hope you have fun on the forum and find a lot of good games to try out.

|"Electro yeah, spambots, that is why we restrict accounts until they've made an introduction. On the plus side it bottles them in one place and makes them easy to knock off.


Hello *,

I'm Sebastian from Germany and 36 years old. A few years ago I played games with graphical interfaces but it impossible yet. Sometimes I'm playing audiogames. I'm an moderator of GAMEPORT ( a German community for blind gamers.




What the techno? A spambot?
Oh wait, maybe I can shoot it with something. Maybee I could have some help to destroy it. It's like a force field isn't it?


Well we have discussed the matter  and basically decided that since we've not had a huge alts problem uptonow having a professional account as opposed to a personal one is fine.

obviously if things get misused we might need to rethink, but as it hasn't been an issue there's no point borrowing trouble.
so the punchbag studios account is now unrestricted, look forward to seeing your gamebooks.


@Dark I totally understand. I had a feeling that it would probably have to be discussed, because I can definitely see someone coming on the forum and trolling with as many accounts as they can to try to get unbanned. I respect whatever decision you make and I patiently await your answer.


Hi Mohammed and  welcome to the forum, hope you have fun with both online and offline games.

@shotgunshell,  we don't have a strict policy about alternative accounts on here. I'll ask the rest of the mods what they think, since while I do see the logic of having a personal and professional account if you wanted to separate matters, at  the same time,  we don't want a situation where people create many alts to  cause chaos, and I do recall one circumstance in the past  where a user used an alt account to basically complain about his ban from the  forum.

This isn't saying "no" just that as alts haven't been a big deal on here, we'll probably have totalk about it to see if it's okay.


hello i am mohammed and i like online audio games like tk and stw


Hi guys. This is Garrett from Punchback Studios, you may know me as shotgunshell for my personal account on here. I've registered this account because I feel that I should separate my personal posts from the professional work I do. If anyone wants to know more about me, I am a website and part time gamebook developer, as well as a radio show host. I am currently working on a gamebook with an unknown release date, based off of an Adventure at C: stage made by Chris.


Hello Shelby, Eric and redvelvet.

your all extremely welcome, and hopefully you'll find this community a fun place to be, as well as discover many great games. There is certainly a lot of choice out there, and with more games on the bway that choice is only going to get larger.
Sorry to shelby that this paproval took a little longer than expected, it's been a busy few days.
Your all very l


Hello. my name is Alexander, I live in Russia. a few months ago, I lost my sight and, accordingly, access to computer games. I found this community and would like to be part of it.


Hello everyone, My name is Renita Rogers.  I am new to this forum.  However, I have  been enjoying the general games discussions and new releases room topics.  I have not been a gamer for long, but I would like to become a gamer.  I am interested to see if I can use mainstream systems, such as the Xbox.  I have grown up thinking these gaming systems like the PlayStation and Game boy were not an option for me.  I hope to be added to your list soon  I am looking forward to getting to know other blind players.


Hello everyone,
My name is Shelby Craig and I am a new user. While I have not actually posted anything, I always enjoy reading about new releases of audiogames and the latest news. I hope to get the chance to interact with other audiogame enthusiasts.


Hi all, i see this topic after few months. I maded my accound in 2016.
I'm newbie developer, i have page and i like programming not advanced programs.

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