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Dark, thank you very mutch


Hi en.dried

There your account is unrestricted and you can post wherever you like on the forum.
Hope you have fun here and enjoy all the games etc we have on offer.


My name is Ruslan, I'm from the Czech Republic.
I would like to create new topics. Please approve me!


Hi Dark eagle and welcome to the site.
Hope you have fun around here, in terms of games and other things too.


Hello audiogames,

I am Tanish, (I would be happy to be known as Dark Eagle.)

I am from India, and have just joined this site.

I have found this site around April of 2017, but I decided to join later. But due to the final year of my school, I just kept putting this off. But as soon as my exams were over, I joined this site.

You guys helped me a lot, not in just matters of games, but off topic too, specially some of the topics concerning life of a blind person of the normal world.

I hope I will be the restricting will be lifted from me soon enough.

I am not putting my likes and dislikes here, since it is my introduction, not the fanfiction profile. (They tend to be really long.)


Hi Pandora and welcome.

you should find plenty around here interesting game wise. Indeed I started on audiogames myself because console games were getting either too visually complex or too text heavy to play (I miss the 16 bit era), so I wanted to try out audiogames to have access to other game types I couldn't play visually such as fps and rpg.
So i can say you might have some interesting new experiences, especially with multiplayer games.

Hope you have fun.


Hey guys
After sneaking through the forum for a while I finally registered. I'm a complete noob to the whole blind gamer community. I'm not blind (yet) and still able to read, that's why I stick to visual games for now but due to my tiny visual field fast paced games and targeting almost make me sweat blood! Therefore I was really excited to find this community of gamer blindies! Life goes on!
I mostly like to play RPGs and fantasy-related stuff with open worlds. Action combat if possible cause tactical combats are cool too but after a while I get bored. I'd also like to play shooters again. I gave up on those for obvious reasons. And I also stopped all multiplayer stuff because I felt too embarrassed, being too slow (even with good friends). So far I was a pc gamer but right now I'm thinking of getting a console again. I just have no idea which one provides better settings and more games which would be accessible for my condition.
So I'm very curious what I will learn here and what new stuff I will try.
xx Pandora



Well this is certainly the right place to discuss audiogames and games development, we look foreard to learning about your new releases and helping in any way we can, hope you have a good time on the forum.


Hi to all.
We are small team, which plan to make audio games. In our work we try to use the latest technologies, like binaural sound and vr. Genres of our games will be different, from card games to MMOFPS. Especially we want to make some horror games, like Silent Hill.
So, we want to join to this forum, to talk about audio games development.


Hi Kaia and welcome.

Well audiogame stuff is pretty much all we do over here, so your extremely welcome, and this is definitely the place to find out about new games and chat about existing ones.
Hope you have fun.


Hey! My name is Kaia and I'm a blind 14 year old from Norway. So, one day, I was sitting in my room doing blind kid stuff. That's when my boyfriend came up With this excellent idea. He was like "Hey, you should really consider getting an acount." and I thought, why not? I'm an audio game fan, and I  want to get to know other People that  like audio games too.  So, I made an acount. I've played audio games for quite some time actually. The first game I ever played was adventure at c: Aw, my poor little spacebar. I'm surprised it isn't destroyed yet. I still remember little 12 year old me being super scared of the Death sound. Roflflflfl. After that, I discovered more and more games that were accessible for the blind. I remember being super excited talking to my friends at School after I discovered online games. I was like, "[wow] guys, you have to try this! It's a game where you have to keep ducks dry, and dig for bonuses" Haha. Since then I've tried a lot of audio games, both for IOS and PC. I wanted to join this forum because I want to learn some more about audio gaming and maybe be able to help some  others With a few Things. Have an awesome day! Kaia.


Hello Lightsome and welcome to the forum.
We're always up for trying out any new games available and helping with development, as well as sharing experiences of the games we have, so hopefully you'll find being here a good experience.


   that's Lightsome greeting you from Czech republic. I'm a 30yr old student of Applied informatics and programming is my great hobby.
   I have used this forum several times in order to find answers on development questions and now I'd like to become an active member. My big interest is to develop immersive cross-platform audio games.


Hi yousuf and welcome to the forum.

I have deleted the other account, but be aware we usually only allow one account per member. Still hope you have fun on the forum.


Hi adel.spence and welcome.

You should find plenty about programming tips over in our developer's room, and of course we discuss audiogames here endlessly. Hopefully you'll have fun.

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