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Oh good gravy I'm so sorry!
Both tsg and Manstorm, your accounts  are unristricted now and your both welcome to the forum.

usually we do try to be rather quicker on this, but due to me having a lot of work at the I utterly forgot to check this topic.
so please accept my apologies, and welcome to both of you, hope you have a good time on the forum now your actually here big_smile.



I'm a fellow gamer, and Amazon Echo skill developer.  It'd be great to be part of the community.


HI everyone. My name is Austin Schwan the isuck guy. I created this new account with me remembering this password and stuffs. I like all audio games, but mainly first person shooter games, and I have a youTube channel, its IsuckTheAudioGamer. Well I hope you allow me to post here, and I hope you allow me to post things.


Hello Musicjunky and welcome to the forum.
There's certainly lots of interesting stuff sound and music wise in audiogames, and I'm glad your enjoying bk3 etc, I also always have a soft spot for entombed myself since I was on the early alpha testing team for it.

I would also highly recommend rhythm rage if your into music too, any questions about games or the forum feel free to ask.

@Bigbeast greetings and welcome.
Thankfully we have a good few online games now, from crazy party, to social hubs like Quentin C, RS games and Huboodle on Ios, and of course lots of multiplayer doomy fun in Swamp and redspot, so hopefully you should find something fun.
I personally enjoy a good few muds myself when I'm looking for a multiplayer experience, though I admit I'm an rpg fan.

As again, any questions feel free to ask.


hello all, I am a blind gamer from Ireland, I like online games mostly, because you can play with all players, I have been playing since 2015 but decided to register, thanks


Hello all. My name is Clarissa, and I started playing audio games a few years ago, when I was introduced to Entombed. That was the first game I played, and I have since downloaded loads of accessible games. Right now I am being challenged by BK3. Although my true passion is music, I am fascinated with anything to do with sound in general, so audio games have become a favorite pastime.


Nice to meet you too. Hoepfully people on this forum and some of the 3d games we've had can be of help in your research.


Hello, I'm Lucas and I'm researching 3D audiogames. Nice to meet ya!


Hello Rubyel and welcome to the forum, hope you have fun and also improve your English.



I'm a new commer here, I'm a french gamer and I want to improve my English. So, what a better way than gaming to do that? I hope to see you soon in the forums!
Best regards, Rubyel


Hello Lucas and welcome to the forum.

Great you'd like to make your game accessible, we certainly enjoy  gamebooks, interactive fiction etc around here as well as games with full audio. Twine can be somewhat variable in terms of access, but if you post about your game in new releases and give a link, myself and others will be glad to provide some  feedback.

Looking forward to  giving it a try, any questions either see the site and forum faq in general game discussion, or just ask.



I am a software engineer based in Nantes, in France.

On my free time I recently started working on translating an existing Twine 1 game in French. At the same time, I'm trying to improve the "web accessibility" of the game engine, so that this web interactive story could be played only based on the audio (and hence by visually impaired people).

I want to join this forum in order to ask for feedback and advice on how playable  the game is with a screen reader.


Hello drumforever and welcome.

Actually, what you've said is more than enough for purposes, ie it proves your actually a human being and interested in this forum, so your account is now unrestricted big_smile.

Sorry that you don't like making introductions, but its unfortunately a necessary evil given spambot problems since we don't' want a capcha or similar.


I don't really want to introduce myself! tongue I don't have anything I prefer to say of myself and don't like to be forced to post in a specific place to prove I'm human. I created the account for a specific reason and I'll post that in another place when appropriate.  For the skeleton of intro I'm willing to offer, though...
Some of you will know me from one mud or another since I've spent scads of time on CR and SC and Prometheus and Miriani -- well I quit playing SC and Miriani years ago. If any of you play harshlands you might have seen me there, or laketown/SOI, or the two towers mud. My taste in muds goes from one to another in cycles unless and until I get fed up with a staff and justw alk away. Was on ZoneBBS a long time ago, too.  I also play sryth. and way back in the day I used to play AllInPlay, too. No I'm not telling you my characters on the muds. In some cases I've played the same one for years and in others I have several alts. In all cases I'm largely a loner, though that's not to say I'm opposed to doing something with people IC. I just prefer not to mix IC and OOC because I've learned that for both better and worse, most can't separate the two and try to carry over relationships that shouldn't exist, be they a romance or an enmity.


@ethanscott hello and welcome. I'm not sure about unity for audiogames, though I believe some recent updates have made it better in this respect, still hope you have fun on the forum.

@privatetai, the swamp topic is giant! still always nice to have another audiogamer, I need to get back to swamp myself as I've not played in some time.
Hope you have a good time.

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