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@Dori hello.

I am not sure about audiogames that would  teach such a young child who hasn't presently spoken English. have some available I believe, however if you post a topic in general game discussion its likely people will have ideas, especially as we have several members who are from Thailand who speak both Thai and English  thus might be in a good position to discuss the language issue.

@Dan welcome to the forum, glad you liked my list, Mrs. Dark is getting to be quite a fan of caves under thorn hill big_smile.

The list was more intended as a guideline since while it is eventually planned to add as many alexa aps to the database on this site as I  there aren't that many of us who are working on it big_smile.

Discussion of what makes an audiogame engaging though is just the sort of thing we'd be up for here, so feel free to post a topic in general game discussion and you'll likely get some interesting opinions (I have some myself).


Hi everyone, my name is Dan.  I'm the developer of Caves Under Thornhill.  I recently noticed it is included on Dark's list of games for Alexa and was excited to find out people are playing!  I'm curious to learn more about audio games and what makes them more or less engaging.

Dan Malec


Name: Dori Shimoda
Country: Thailand (but American)
Status: Retired but advisor to large blind school network in Thailand.  Also, have NGO Give Children A Choice.


In 2012, my wife and I helped a 2 year old, recently at the time blinded by a bomb.  He lived in a very poor village in norther Laos.  First, we found a team of surgeons in Bangkok to reconstruct his face and nose, remove shrapnel from his eyes.  We lived in Laos and there was no such care for him.  Second, he placed him in a blind foundation facility, who was willing to take him (as a foreigner) in Thailand.  He's lived there since 2014.  There are issues with his foundation taking care of him, so we want to transfer him to a well-known and well-establlshed blind school in Khon Kaen, Thailand.  Founded in the 1980s.

Since that time, we just moved to Khon Kaen.  As his sponsors, we will assume responsibility for him during the school breaks.  We pick him in early May to live at our home for a week or two, and he will stay with us during the regular schools breaks, e.g., holidays and summer breaks.

The boy Kayeng speaks only Thai.  We speak only English (and are about ready to learn Thai). 

We want Kayeng to learn English.  We will start when we pick him up in early May.


We want to find ways of teaching blind Kayeng English.  Are there progarms that can help him learn English.  What kind of computer do we need?

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback and guidance.  Thank you.



Thank you very much, i will post in the appropriate section


Hi Hieronims and welcome.

Certainly your game sounds interesting and there will be a lot of people here very happy to try it.
We also have several  French speakers who would be glad to help with a translation as well.
If you've got something playable please post in the new releases room, or otherwise if you just want to discuss matters please post in general game  discussion.

Hope you find this forum a good place to be.



I am a French independent video game developer.
I created a video game playable by blind people during a gamejam.

At first I was just trying to create a shooter, where we would imagine the story and the game without graphics.

I then added interactions to give a side shoot 'em up.

For the moment the game is in French, and the audio voices have been done with google audio translation.

I am looking for French speaking people first to test the game by blind people, because I am seeing smile

What handicaps me to make it compatible blind.

Thank you in advance for accepting me on this forum, I will then post the game.

This one was created with the language lua and love2d, ie in pure computer code.
Have a good day


Hi Martin welcome to the forum.

You'll find some interesting things here since  the majority of games discussed here are based on sound or accessible to screen reading programs used by blind and visually impared people, so are a different experience to graphical games, ---- a good friend of mine said Shades of doom, the audio doom clone was actually far more scary than the original due to the lack of sound.

~Don't forget to check out the database of games on the front of site, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


I'm Martin . I'm new here . Been recently checking interesting forums about games , just checking out cool games for our arcade business .


Hi Kaplik and welcome.

I'm afraid I don't know what PoE is, but your very welcome to the forum and I hope you have a good time here.


Hi, my name is Jarek, Jarek Kaplik.
I'm the PoE captain for people with disabilities, mainly blind and deaf people.
I'm also a programmer.
Nice to meet you


@DerekLomas, we'd be extremely glad to help with access in games, but could you please create an account and register properly so that I can unrestrict your account and then you can post about your games in the general game discussion part of our forum, where your likely to get more of a response.


Hi! I'm interested in how to best redesign a set of educational games to make them more accessible. This seems like a really hard challenge so I was excited to see that there is an online community here!

Derek Lomas


Hello Jone your very welcome.
I hope you find what you want in this community along with hopefully a friendly atmosphere and some good games to play.

No rules on being sighted or not at all, everyone is welcome.


Hello everyone. I'm Joan. I came to this community to understand some things I have questions about. I am sighted, but I have several blind friends. I want to be as active in this community as I can. I am easy to get to know and I try to be a friend to everyone. You are more than welcome to contact me here or on any service listed in my profile. Thank you, and may God bless you all.


Hello Dave.

Myself and many other people here are quite looking forward to The Vale as you will gather from This topic your producer posted so any news or discussion of the game is very much welcome, as are you.

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