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Hi B&w and welcome.

There are no set rules about one account per person, but you might consider having a separate account each just so that you aren't always posting together, I can always change the name "black and white" to either Black or White and then have a separate account for the other of you, since if your anything like my brother and I you don't necessarily always agree big_smile.

Your equally welcome to post any topics you wish, hay if you have any questions etc posting topics is a good way to get them answered. Hope you have fun on the forum.


Well, we have nothing much to say. Just that we're two brothers who call ourselves Black and White.
We have an interest in audiogames and some may have seen us in games like TK and RS.
We decided to make an account for the boath of us because we rarely want to create a topic or somethin'. just to check things and reply or such.
Though I'm not sure it's against the rules or not.


Hi Chris and welcome.

Though news, new releases etc here are all about audiogames (since that's on the name of this site), we're certainly not against discussion of mainstream fighting games here at all, in General game discussion you'll find lots of people chatting about Streetfighter, killer instinct mortal combat etc just as much as about games like Eurofly and a hero's call.
So hope you have fun on this site either way.


Hi, I'm chris. I only recently got into audiogames, a few months ago to be precise. While I still prefer mainstream fighting games, I've had quite some fun with a few of these great audiogames. Been playing console titles for years now.


@Lyn hello and welcome your account is now unrestricted. I'm not sure where fl exactly is, but you'll certainly find a lot  games around here to play, both newly released ones in the new  releases room and others  in the site database on the front of site.
Any questions please ask, though you could also look in the site and forum faq in the general game discussion area.

@Alan, welcome as well. I'm afraid English is the only language we speak on this forum since it's the only language all the staff know, still, hope you find some good games to play and have a good time here.


To godsgirl and Alan: Please wait for your restrictions to be lifted, and welcome here. I know a little of portuguese so that's no problem for me, despite the forum is only for English language speaking people.


Hello, I sorry for having sent the message in my language: good, I never imagined that the audio games were equal to the video games: my first game was topspeed, a racing game: at that time, I didn't know what it was audio games then I was downloading new games and realized that real mind, the styles were of video games: it reminded me of the video games I saw the psychics playing, especially with high-quality sounds desculpe se eu tive alguns erro de englês


nunca pensei que os jogos audiogames fossem parecidos com os estilos de jogos que eu vejo as pessoas videntes jogando até hoje: meu primeiro jogo foi topspeed, um jogo de corrida, que quando conheci esse jogo, nem sabia o que era áudio games: depois, quando fui baixando novos audiogames, percebi que realmente, isso tinha os estilos de videogames, principalmente sons com qualidade, e isso me lembrava videogames: até hoje, eu sou viciado em games, principalmente jogos longos e com sons com muita qualidade.


My name is Lyn.  I call myself godsgirl.  I have heard and known of these games for years.  Just thought to stop in and gather some new games to play with friends. I resiee in FL, warm country  Hope to make some new friends here.


Hi Garry and welcome to the forum.

your account is now unrestricted so you can post anywhere on the forum. I suggest you go to the general game discussion area and post your  questions there, since it's likely people will be able to help with xbox etc, also don't forget there are many great, fully accessible games for Pc that you can play yourself, just check out the database on the front page and  the new releases room.

Hope you have a good time here.


Hello everybody I am almost totally blind.  I am a beginner on the x box one s, and can someone show me how to play games step by step . can anybody tell me where I can purchase the Kinect sensor, and Kinect adaptor for the cheapest price


"Sebastian, hello and welcome. I've heard of gameport myself, though I'm afraid my German is none existant so I haven't checked the site out big_smile.
Hope you have fun on the forum and find a lot of good games to try out.

|"Electro yeah, spambots, that is why we restrict accounts until they've made an introduction. On the plus side it bottles them in one place and makes them easy to knock off.


Hello *,

I'm Sebastian from Germany and 36 years old. A few years ago I played games with graphical interfaces but it impossible yet. Sometimes I'm playing audiogames. I'm an moderator of GAMEPORT ( a German community for blind gamers.




What the techno? A spambot?
Oh wait, maybe I can shoot it with something. Maybee I could have some help to destroy it. It's like a force field isn't it?


Well we have discussed the matter  and basically decided that since we've not had a huge alts problem uptonow having a professional account as opposed to a personal one is fine.

obviously if things get misused we might need to rethink, but as it hasn't been an issue there's no point borrowing trouble.
so the punchbag studios account is now unrestricted, look forward to seeing your gamebooks.

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