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Hi Mohammad, well audiogames is what we do around here, though being as it's now nearly one in the morning and I'm hear writing this, sleeping is less common big_smile.
Hope you have a good time.


hi all:
my name is mohammad and i'm from algeria, audiogaming and sleeping are my life hahaha.


[wow], quite the influx of new members.

@Samar, Hi and welcome, Crazy party rocks  there are a lot of other good games around too, hope you find your way to some.

@farazqureshi, hope you have fun, around here too, again lots of online games from muds to competitive stuff on ios to browser games and online arcade games like crazy party.

@Jack, anyone working on audiogames is always welcome, and we've got a lot of students from Baltimore already registered, we look forward to seeing what you come up with game wise and trying it out.

@Timothy, as I said to Jack, anyone developing audiogames is definitely welcome, and we hope to test out what you come up with.


I'm Timothy and I'm currently learning how to develop audio only games


Helpful feedback*


Hello there,

My name is Jack Simms. I am a student at the University of Baltimore and am currently taking a course in making Audio Only games. We are making one such game as a final project, so I am looking forward to any helpful  can get from this forum.

Thank you,

Jack S.


I am Faraz Qureshi working as a Director marketting in Software house. I like to play online games


Hey, Samar here
I like this place so much so I decided to join and discuss audio games with ou
I currently play razy party mini games but I'm open to suggestions for other cool games


Eh, now I've always got a place to come check for amusement, and interesting things from the non spambots. So...


Yeah but imagine how astronomically worse it would be if it made multiple topics in different forums.


@Lindworm, much appologies for missing your introduction yesterday as  Mads mentioned, your now unrestricted so I hope you enjoy the forum and don't midn the wait (as you might have gathered spambots are a bit of a thing).

Good gravy! I have just had to manually ban, and delete  one by one the posts  38 spambots.

The  ban messages were sort of funny, starting with "go away spammer" going through "go away you dirty wrotten filthy spammer" into the teretory of "go to hell! go to hades! go anywhere but here!"  progressing through ""I want to pull your nostrel hairs out with a set of rusty pliers" and finally into a resigned phase of I hate you" before settling down to an ending of "die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die!"

As you might gather I really! don't like spambots right now big_smile.


I'm not sure if I have to post here because I've already posted a fair amount here, but hell, why not.
I've been into audiogaming for most of my life, although not quite as much in the last couple years as I'm going to school to study computer science.
I would also love to say hello to our friendly neighbourhood spambots. The internet just wouldn't be the same without the amusement you provide us, and I would love to buy some generic spam for myself, it is after all my greatest hope to be a spambot some  day.


Stupid bots, their names sound like randomly generated demon titles.
And they actually use(spam) and (generic spam) as filler text, how pethetic.
Was this bot written by a 13 year old.
Feel free to remove my message when bots are removed if you want.


Well since I am being required, I might as well post here, so that way people can get to know me a bit better.

My name is Gerad.  I am a musician based out of the DFW Texas area.  My main instrument is drums, but I do play guitar, bass guitar, keys, and do some vocal work.  I am on the Bass Mekanik Roster under my nickname, G-Rad.  I have two albums out on iTunes: Audio Implosion, and Subsonic Guillotine, and am currently, as of this post, working on a third titled "A Life Seen Through Broken Eyes.  Additionally, I am a sports fan, but not avid, Just follow it a bit.  Also, I am  into some electronics, computers, and my favorite game type is RPG, more specifically JRPG's such as Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, etc.


Oh no. That’s a BIG Bunch of bots...
And also @Dark
What about Lindworm

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