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Okay Mahdi.

I've talked to the other moderators, and we have decided to give you one more chance on the forum.

Note though, that if you post about game cracks, that is ways to get games without paying for them, or if you start pestering developers of online games about bans, your new account will be banned from the forum, and steps will be taken to make sure you can't create another one.

hopefully though, this won't be necessary, so welcome back to the forum, hope you have fun.




I have contacted the rest of the staff, we're discussing what's best to be done, please be patient and we'll let you know.


i know
so, whats your answer


@Mahdi, you were banned several times from the forum for different things, including constantly asking developers of online games to unban you  their games so many times it became rude, and also posting cracks, that is ways to play games without paying for them.


i'm mahdi abedi, from esfahan/iran
its my second account, because my first account had problems
i red rules, and i know what cant i post and what can i post here
i maked my english better,
i want send pm to admins to tell they my problem, but...
i want tell it here
i posted desafio mortal link, then my internet finished, and my it charged in 3 days, i back to forum and it sed, you are banned from this forum
i tolled it to aprone and he sed tell to who banned you
i dont know and cant fined who banned me, so
i'm sorry for rong things i do
thank you for reading, mahdi


@maiquocdat, glad you like the anti spam system. Sorry to be pedantic but could you please indicate that your actually not a spambot yourself and are a human being interested in the subject of this forum,Ie audiogames? Then I can unrestrict your account.


I I think that this is not a bad method to Keep spambots out, because as they are programs they don't know where they have to post first.


@Muslima Hello and welcome to the forum. Any questions, please feel free to ask, hope you have a good time.

@Imanual hopefully people on this forum can help with your research, feel free to post something in offtopic room, or in general game discussion if its gaming related and people will be glad to take a look.


My name is Immanuel. I research data analysis tools for visually impaired users. Hope to find some participants for user studies here!


I am a new user. My name is Ameena Fatima and well, I was around from a long time ago, but never really got the time to create an account. Now that I have it, I am posting a message so you know who I am.
Peace onto all of you, and have a nice time.


@kortnee Hello and welcome to the forum, there are certainly plenty of rpg fans around here.

Hi Rob.
don't worry about questions, its one of the things this forum is here for. Hopefully you can get them answered and also find some great games to play too.


Hi all,

My name is Rob, 25, and before I lost my sight at approx. 17-20 after  a long deterioration, I spent a lot of time on my PS2. Favourite games were those such as Goldeneye Rogue Agent, Destroy All Humans and Midnight Club etc. I also spend 3 1/2 years in the World of Warcraft, so have a pretty spaced game repertoire.

Since 2010, I've been struggling to find accessible games that are a decent standard. I played Entombed for yeeeeeeaaaarrrs, but then got bored of it... Then a Polish friend told me about A Hero's Call, and I've been plugging into that for the last few months - currently finishing up second play through.

I am studying to become a Psychotherapist, so gaming is a nice little escape from the heavy stuff. Really looking forward to delving into this community as it is the first thing I've properly seen about blind gamers - I admit, I've spent a lot of time off the grid, so it was my own ignorance to these forums.

Still learning how to use forums properly, so please forgive some daft questions, and greetings to all!! smile


Hi, I am from the US. I have been an audio gamer for a long time and have looked at this forum frequently. Some of my favorite audio games are Entombed, Bk 3, and A Hero's Call.


We'd be glad to have you in this forum if you can just prove your actually a human being by making it clear your interested in the subject of this forum, that is audiogames.

sorry for the suspicious tactics but since we don't have any of those inaccessible capcha systems we have to be certain.

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