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dr farin man dove acquistare

[wow] a good deal of awesome material!


Hi james and welcome to the forum.
Hope you find some games you like around here big_smile.


Hi there, my name is James, I got told about this forum though a buddy of mine who I play Pokemon with, it's hard to find games I like, which is why I hope this place will help me find it! Thanks for now


@Aziz, sorry about the extra security, we have had problems with spambots here which is why i couldn't approve your account streight away, but now we're certain your not  spambot hope you have fun on the forum.

@Rose, hello and welcome. I'm quite a fan of the blindfold games myself, though I need to play many more of them and add to the db, also I'm looking forwward to Alteraeon's event this  christmas.
Hope you have fun on the forum.


My name is Rose. I started playing audio games around 15 years ago, 2002 to be precise. My very first game was Accessible Battleship. It was written by the same developer who created Star Fight. My first mud I played was Star Conquest (classic) which I joined sometime in 2005. I took a break from gaming for awhile to mainly administrate. Some may know me as a former RS Games administrator. I was an RS admin from 2012 to 2016 and left the staff shortly after the RS Games iPhone app was released. As I work for the company who had the authority to both approve and deny updates to their app, I decided that assisting personal, long-time friends with such an app would be a conflict of interest. These days, I still mud. I play Alter Aeon in phases, and I've been on a few social muds over the years. However, my main gaming focus has been games for iOS. I am, in particular, a big fan of Choice of Games titles as well as accessible versions of popular games, such as the ones made by Blindfold games. I decided to join the Audio Games forum after listening to a forum member's internet radio stream. After hearing him play a variety of audio games for PC, I realized that I had missed a number of awesome Windows based audio games over the years. I'm hoping to broaden my audio gaming knowledge regardless of platform. I am open to anything members of this forum recommend.


I apologize for the repeated messages, I posted my last message without reading the posts, oops. I used to play lots of audiogames around 10 years back, till I found out about alteraeon and I focused on it. Life got in the way so I just play alter, since I have so little time for myself. I apologize again and excuse my english, it's clearly not my 1st language so bare with me smile


Hello, this is Aziz Alshemmari from Kuwait. I've created my account a few days ago and I would like to  gain access to write posts to forams, I've seen people who created their accounts yesterday and gain access before I did. Thanks for reading and I hope I get permission soon


Appologies for the slightly longer wait to get your accounts verrified this time around.
Hi MissouriMud, Ignotus welcome to the forum, I'm quite the fan of muds and rpgs myself so I look forward to discussing rpgs with both of you.

@Aziz, could you please give a little more information, eg, what sort of games you like or want to play, since I'm afraid at the moment I am not sure if your a human or not (especially given you posted the same message twice).
We don't need a lot, just something to be sure your not a spambot.


Hi there!

I'm primarily a mudder, but also enjoy audio games and wanted to join in some of the discussions here. smile


I hope everyone is well.  I've been an audio-game junkie for years on regular games, muds, online rpg's, etc.  Figured it was time I made a user to post on the forums.


Hello, this is Aziz Alshemmari from Kuwait


Hello. This is a
Aziz Alshemmari from Kuwait


Hello Gena and welcome.
We certainly have a variety of games around here, so whatever your fancy, you should find plenty to try out (see the database on the front page of this site for details).
Any questions, feel free to ask.


Hello Gena and welcome.
We certainly have a variety of games around here, so whatever your fancy, you should find plenty to try out (see the database on the front page of this site for details).
Any questions, feel free to ask.


My ame is Gena. I'm just looking for a good way to be more informed about blind friendly games for the computer. I'm retired and have a good bit of time on my hands and I love playingand learning new games.  Have a good day the thanks for contributing to the blind community.

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