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Hi Daniel and welcome.
Hope you have fun on the forum.


Hi all. My name is Daniel. I am joining the forms to follow the Madden and Street fighter five posts, as well as any other for him that might be interesting to me.


Well, after this topic, I will remove the part of my signature with the spam reporter, cause I am not one animore.
So, nice idea again and howp we will have never a spambot again, excepting me for sure, I am always one.


Greetings Stefan and welcome.

This is certainly the place to discuss game audio, so hopefully you'll find what your looking for here.
have fun.


Hi everyone,

My name is Stefan Ruffler and I'm trying to forge a career in game audio. I thought this forum may be a good place to get some feedback on my sound design showreels.

All the best,


Thanks, Dark!  --Bob


Hi bob and welcome.

appologies it took a little longer than it should've, but your account is unrestricted now and we're looking forward to discussing Thaumistry and accessibility.


Hi all.  Bob Bates here. Former Infocom author. Former Legend Entertainment author.  I've written a new text adventure called Thaumistry: In Charm's Way, and I've been trying to respond to questions about accessibility in the New Games section, but was unable to post. I've only just figured out that I need to introduce myself first!

Anyway, I'm here now, so hopefully I will get whitelisted and will be able to join the conversation.




Hello Lee and welcome.

Permission to post in this forum isnt' needed, we're always ready to welcome developers and players of audiogames.
the only reason we ask people to introduce themselves and restrict accounts until people have done so is because we've been having issues with spambots, hope this makes sense.

I look forward to reading about and playing your games.



My name is Lee Hobbs and I am a founder at AppA11y and we are creating game apps for the visually impaired.  I was hoping to get permission to post information about our games on this site. 

Thanks for the consideration.

Lee Hobbs


[wow], a real crowd of new members today big_smile.

Serkan and Honk, welcome to the forum, your accounts are now unrestricted, hope you have fun around here.

"Nate, we always appreciate having developers on the forum and discussing games, indeed as someone who has voice acted in games before myself I'd be very interested in discussing voice acting specifically.

Hi Michael, any thought on audio jam or game access is definitely appreciated, hope you have fun around here.

And I think that is everyone (open's door, yells down guarden path, checks under rocks and behind trees, runs up to check from the roof, commands guard robots to do perimeter sweep, wonders whether it's possible to pinch the sensor array from the Enterprise to scan for life forms), Anymore for anymore?

Okay! hurrah!


Hi everyone,

I'm Michael, a Sound Designer working in games. I recently took part in Game Audio Jam & will make a post for feedback in the other sub forum. I'm sighted but as a Sound Designer I find Audio Games & anything audio can help with to make "traditional" games more accessible extremely interesting & important.

Have a great day all!


@Dark, Thanks for the hello message, appreciate that big_smile .


Hello there,

My name is Nathan, or Nate, Wales. I'm a non-unionized Voice Over artist. I'm a sighted person who was given the wonderful opportunity to work on an incredible game with an emphasis on inclusion, story, character development, and quality.

In anticipation of that games release (I'm on pins and needles too!) I've been reading through some of the posts here concerning it. You folks seem just as excited as I do, so I thought I'd spend my time waiting for it in like minded company.

I'd also like to hear just how important voice acting is in your gaming experience. Essential? A perk? Not that big a deal at all really?

I'm sure I could go on and on, we VA's are wordy like that, but I'll cut off here.

- Nate Wales


Greetings my childs,

I was lead here for a reason wink
Maybe some of you may be able to guess it - I am totally excited by the game a Heros call. Maybe I jumped onto the Hype Train a bit late... But nevertheless I want to participate in the General discussion about it and want to Motivate the devs with my verbal Support...
And I also read some very interessting opinions about the future of Audio games and want to discuss about that as well. So I finally decided to join the Forum actively, not longer as a silence gast.

I am no bot at all, so please activate my account, will you? smile

English is not my native language by the way, so please apologize some clumsy wording or bad spelling...

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