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Thank you for the warm welcome, and thank you for the suggestions! I recently just installed Swamp on my PC to get a feel for how developers are able to make these games so accessible.

A section in the FAQ about netiquette would be fantastic. The last thing I need to do as a developer is give my studio a bad name and alienate the community.

I was reading that there are roughly (if not more now) 250,000 visually impaired people in the USA, and who knows how many here in Canada. My vision is to create a number of games, across numerous genres, that will help to bring people together, or deliver rich narrative. I have contacts that are willing to help provide things like artwork, voice work, testing, and so-on.

Thanks again for welcoming me into the community, and I hope to make a positive impression on you all!


@Piano player hello and welcome. Feel free to join in the discussion about audiogames, hope you have fun on the forum.

@Sasha Hi and welcome, always nice to meet another Nintendo fan (My Snes is still setup about six feet away from me big_smile).

The best way to learn about audiogames is to play them. I started on audiogames myself when mainstream games became too graphically complex for my vision, which let me play a lot of game genres I'd not had access to such as Fps, rpg etc, I then found audiogames had quite a lot to offer even in arcade titles (imho packman is actually more fun in audio than graphically since you need to remember the maze).

There are a lot of titles around to try, everything from Swamp, the audio fps, to the recently released first person rpg a hero's call, manamon, essentially audio pokemon, and of course various arcade titles, most noteably the wonderful online battle game crazy party, not to mention audio stratogies like sound rts.

Just have a hunt around, particularly in the database at the front of the site, play some games, ask questions and you'll hopefully get an idea for what works, indeed one of the main problems developers often have is that they ahven't considered what's already been out there.

Oh, and as for political correctness, that's not really an issue, indeed you might say we're blind to such things, though you might say a lot of people here are blind anyway, which would be the truth big_smile.

Seriously, any general questions on netiquette just look at The site and forum faq found here though interestingly enough that doesn't have any questions on political correctness, or what language to use, hmmmm  I wonder if we should add one?



The name I go by online is Sasha Pawz. I am a sighted developer, but I have recently made a good friend who happens to be blind.

I'm an avid gamer, I have been gaming since the early nineties with the Nintendo Entertainment System, and my love for games has only grown over the last 3 decades.

My goal for coming to this site is to connect with the community to get some insight on things that help make games accessible.

My plan is to start building games that, as my friend says, "Don't Suck". Now, I have not tried to develop accessible games before, so I do ask for both patience, and constructive criticism going forward so i can do what I can to make games that are not only accessible, but games that have a level field of play for any who play them, disabled or not.

Now, I am not the most.. politically correct person, so i may say things that people might take offensively. For that, I do sincerely apologize. I am very eager to learn, however, and would love to know things that I have said in poor taste so i do not continue to make those mistakes.

Thank you all for having this community available, and I hope I can produce some quality media for you to enjoy!

Please feel free to message me through here any time. I'm happy to make friends and acquaintances!

Keep a lookout for titles from Pawz Button Studios in the near future!

Lots of love,
Sasha Pawz


User name is: ThePianoPlayer.


Hello, I am Fabien. I would like to gain access here so I can post topics about audio games. Thanks smile


Dark, thank you very mutch


Hi en.dried

There your account is unrestricted and you can post wherever you like on the forum.
Hope you have fun here and enjoy all the games etc we have on offer.


My name is Ruslan, I'm from the Czech Republic.
I would like to create new topics. Please approve me!


Hi Dark eagle and welcome to the site.
Hope you have fun around here, in terms of games and other things too.


Hello audiogames,

I am Tanish, (I would be happy to be known as Dark Eagle.)

I am from India, and have just joined this site.

I have found this site around April of 2017, but I decided to join later. But due to the final year of my school, I just kept putting this off. But as soon as my exams were over, I joined this site.

You guys helped me a lot, not in just matters of games, but off topic too, specially some of the topics concerning life of a blind person of the normal world.

I hope I will be the restricting will be lifted from me soon enough.

I am not putting my likes and dislikes here, since it is my introduction, not the fanfiction profile. (They tend to be really long.)


Hi Pandora and welcome.

you should find plenty around here interesting game wise. Indeed I started on audiogames myself because console games were getting either too visually complex or too text heavy to play (I miss the 16 bit era), so I wanted to try out audiogames to have access to other game types I couldn't play visually such as fps and rpg.
So i can say you might have some interesting new experiences, especially with multiplayer games.

Hope you have fun.


Hey guys
After sneaking through the forum for a while I finally registered. I'm a complete noob to the whole blind gamer community. I'm not blind (yet) and still able to read, that's why I stick to visual games for now but due to my tiny visual field fast paced games and targeting almost make me sweat blood! Therefore I was really excited to find this community of gamer blindies! Life goes on!
I mostly like to play RPGs and fantasy-related stuff with open worlds. Action combat if possible cause tactical combats are cool too but after a while I get bored. I'd also like to play shooters again. I gave up on those for obvious reasons. And I also stopped all multiplayer stuff because I felt too embarrassed, being too slow (even with good friends). So far I was a pc gamer but right now I'm thinking of getting a console again. I just have no idea which one provides better settings and more games which would be accessible for my condition.
So I'm very curious what I will learn here and what new stuff I will try.
xx Pandora



Well this is certainly the right place to discuss audiogames and games development, we look foreard to learning about your new releases and helping in any way we can, hope you have a good time on the forum.


Hi to all.
We are small team, which plan to make audio games. In our work we try to use the latest technologies, like binaural sound and vr. Genres of our games will be different, from card games to MMOFPS. Especially we want to make some horror games, like Silent Hill.
So, we want to join to this forum, to talk about audio games development.


Hi Kaia and welcome.

Well audiogame stuff is pretty much all we do over here, so your extremely welcome, and this is definitely the place to find out about new games and chat about existing ones.
Hope you have fun.

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