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Hello Toby. Nice youtube channel, and welcome to the forum, you are now unrestricted.


Hi Toby here I am a blind gamer if you want to learn about who I am have a look at my film on you tube just search for gaming through new eyes looking forward to discussions on this forum


Hi Hazzle, sorry for the delay. You are now unrestricted.


WHy some of these accounts still restricted.


Thanks, @arqmeister!


Welcome drew, you are now unrestricted.


Hi again. Just wondering if there was any additional information I needed to provide. Thanks.

Cheers, Drew.


Hey @aaron,
Am I doing something wrong? My account is still not unrestricted, please tell me if I'm missing something important?


Hi there. I'm Blind Sparrow Interactive, or should I say that's the name of my game development studio. The studio, based in Melbourne, Australia, has only been up and running for four weeks so far, so we are still very new and right at the beginning of our journey. We haven't yet publicly announced our first project, but we are committed to making inclusive games and applications that have an emphasis on vision accessibility.

If you are interested in the studio, our Twitter name is BlindSparrowInt

About myself: I'm sighted. I have worked in the games industry for close to 15 years and have been fortunate enough to work for and with triple A publishers and game studios as well as indie publishing labels and game development teams. My background has been media, public relations, marketing and communications, so this marks the first time I have stepped professionally into running a studio, game development and programming. The process has been both exciting and daunting, but incredible, despite the fact that I still have much to learn about studio management, development and accessibility in general. I have loved games all of my life and count them as part of my personal identity.

I hope that works as an introduction. Feel free to ask me any questions.


@an idiot you are now unrestricted, and ha, I like your description. Thanks for the laugh, I feel like I needed that.


@aaron the other guy still isn’t unrestricted.... oops?


@TT_Gamer which games do you like to play?


Hello my name is TT_Gamer and i am excited to join this forum


Wow! Nice to meet you! I play stw, rs when it was up, tk, Eurofly, TDV, and many many more games including aprone's excellent games!
Best regards.


Nice, I'm from the UK as well! What games do you like to play?

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