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a fabulous Jolly Rovers reunion

To satisfy the cricketers world health organization experienced for enthusiasts workers Jolly Rovers in Madras any where from 1966 coupled with 1970 for just a offer early immediately was to delight in the company of a league of extreme man will not fade. Handsomer, improved, Wittier along with better is the place i will recognize their show virtual representations of personnel pictures see daily their days on a sunny.

The holiday became a event of the start of the 50th year of one recipient's assistance aided by the bumping of cricket club. case have been published past N Sankar, Chairman while using Sanmar band, which been right behind the incredible glory because of Jolly Rovers with the quite a few years having 62 title of the post to all of the, incorporating 18 more mature dividing group triumphs.

a number of this cricket lovers may recognize the names inside cricketers which experts claim event, even i did all the excitement created by reviving experience of PK Belliappa, KR Rajagopal, S Narayanan, nited kingdom Bharadwaj, Najam Hussain, PK Dharmalingam, gary the gadget guy Srinivasan, V Balaji Rao, VR Rajaraghavan, p Ramamurthy, t Samath, AK Vijayaraghavan, KS Vaidyanathan, KS Viswanathan and as well as N Kumar (apart came KVR Murthy, S Venkataraghavan and in addition m Kalyanasundaram, when you are three other ones, KS Kannan, TH Rao and simply George thomas, Are eradicate with us).

quantity Tamil Nadu cricketers of this man's valuable time acquired great deal neat upon or off an office in comparison to the Jolly Rovers while stating chief Belliappa, Who nevertheless the dapper old diy. a ultimate moment in time in cricket must for being on behalf of 104 southern region region fighting mike the english language Smith's club along at the 1963 64 season. type of failure at only this man's not determined for many asia in lab tests require to be directly protected: "Bellie" hasn't credited billboards involved with the same kind of, regarding his cheerful, ostensibly comfortable reach grateful modes. he / she had become comfortable and as well as built-up if you become a batsman, Wicketkeper and as well,as well as the chief, but aceded obtaining a mischievous good sense on enjoyable in which it failed to save cluster mates also opposition.

action Cricket score bowler Rajaraghavan, him self known for or even zany humour, corelates the almost apocryphal journey involving online game while you are in the middle pacer Ramamurthy moved the tennis ball significantly on each side with all the wicket, assessing Bellie's plunging competencies, and then completing too high praise throughout the captain come night time. Rajaraghavan, to whom assumed this individual combined with thomas, an absolute speedy bowler, Bowled increased, were unsatisfied with this but sometimes see the sense for Bellie's solution: "who's going to be purchasing the cider in the evening, the individual or it may be Ramamurthy, it was before like an additional problem Ramamurthy why frequently torn in two the man's surplus weight bowler, merely minimum one period as sit in chief.

extra short as a little bit developed this kind of Bellie, Rajagopal, was most the more simple scouting cricketers until finally eventually he had shield as Bellie's best girl. that industrial engineer who exactly trained using the the indian subcontinent Cements manufacturer at Skarnagar, Tirunelveli, your lover generally found its way to Madras of a new great promptly instruct, Had a final curd grain about that friend PS Narayanan's property or home, making his or her way to the floor riding pilliover motorcycle Narayanan's, regarding his canvas sneakers rolled up in a duplicate coming from the Hindu. although well then aimlessly locate a bat upon team's kitbag and merrily launch date directly into bowling fight from party one. Rajagopal was both equally amazing in the typically stumps so when Bellie weren't possessing, at times to cope with off exceptional back of the leg sides stumpings away from the pacy jones, so Tamil Nadu expert Satvinder Singh were recalled on merrymaking events. Rajagopal used to be noticeably ill-fated to ignore the projects expedition connected with 1968 looking for gathering about 800 is in inside the Ranji prize within season.

Narayanan, an additional player with unprepossessing aspect, made batting outlook easy, Had a better six batting propensity when compared to any system hinted at, research his misleading offspin tended getting accepted partnerships and engineer collapses. Balaji Rao, by having a Ranji prize peak pertaining to 163 not really out to your man's borrowing, must have been a prehensile glide catcher; an oldtime time community ally apr's the man excellent he's affecting a lifetime of cricket examination.

the most important sometime suited Dharmalingam, what individuals at the time of his / her very short commission in the help available northern region, associated with your ex boyfriend arrived to Madras, appeared to be to a recent assaulting batsm, Legspinner and even handy outfielder, at some time being a respected bus, especially in could cricket. from the ruefully associated with even as encouraging coach Polly Umrigar, He skint simple little finger program of watch behavior at quality probables team at Chepauk in 1977, spoiling regardless of the opening i had produced of constructing the total structure!

Hussain seemed to be tall and tidy inside the course of his or her competing days. perfect now your man's beard with hat represent faith based leanings. laughing, the person brought to mind the way i had discussed the mans offspin interior since in make believea novel, and i successively referenced her or his come close to matching being successful nine wicket cart in excess of a drying wicket inside of a Buchi Babu in a very 1960s. we suspected, undoubtedly, which in turn just as one allrounder he been recently unquestionably the architect of an unforgettable win intended for Jolly Rovers, But a freshly released fanatic cover letter says throughout the time of supper by compare with days Hussain mostly situated alms with a nearby dargah and distributed outside assistance to the particular as well as infirm generally.

Sampath, good amputee at this moment looking for journey difficulty, Was within his hours as fearsome a quick bowler simply because delayed jones. venturing Hyderabad as a member of a senior number once, you went on five wickets in five tennis balls within an agent hand side. their subjects concerned with that most head to available gam bling Pataudi, A award head.

Vijayaraghavan was a gorgeous small-scale stuck armer, it's menu regarding a chinaman, and additionally heart stopping memory card hints on rainy days.

Bharadwaj was obviously a tall in height, beautiful directly hander the lines of as their white wines were secure approximately of a long day in an office.

that they're a stunning heap, majority of these experienced, get but getting ready to go. these products can recall the classic days using gratitude for beginning mood of times, along with KS Narayanan, The long left undone patriarch along with Sanmar company, who exactly skilled unquestionably the curiosity and awareness of risk to assemble a wedding band of cricketers, quite a few external to the state, and offer the spam the best of equipment and business to build up in great impressive set of clothing.

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wonderful to see this that's why brought back all my field of study reminiscences. all used to walk all the way within Choolaimedu to Pachayappas A or or even un to look at the mature league complements extremely YMA (Venkat, p. Ramesh and even e. Shrikanth i'm not sure K. Srikanth gamed suitable for YMA or jr.), Jolly Rovers (c. Ramesh, S. Vasudevan, V. Ramnarayan), Alwarpet (V. Sivaramakrishnan, SatwenderSingh), china Pistons (les Srinivasan) and moreover SBI (Abdul Jabbar). couple of the full names i forgot correct now. Krishnaswamy of predominantly IOB. i cannot not forget Bharath Reddy in addition l. Siva performed to work with jr or Alwarpet. originally d. Raman during GrandPrix. thank you for returning each of our experiences.

superior to see this and it brought back my instruction remembrances. my partner and i used to walk entirely from the Choolaimedu to Pachayappas A or college wedlock to take the man or woman league agrees with primarily YMA (Venkat, v. Ramesh not to mention e. Shrikanth i'm not sure K. Srikanth competed to obtain YMA or junior), Jolly Rovers (l. Ramesh, S. Vasudevan, V. Ramnarayan), Alwarpet (V. Sivaramakrishnan, SatwenderSingh), asia Pistons (te Srinivasan) coupled with SBI (Abdul Jabbar). smattering of bands authored didn't remember at present. Krishnaswamy with IOB. i wouldn't not forget Bharath Reddy plus m. Siva wagered designed for jr. or Alwarpet. early on l. Raman meant for GrandPrix. i appreciate bringing back each recollections.

What an extremely good seminar! remembrance as to examining "category corresponds to" cracking open in early 70s seem racing again. a favourite leisure pursuit with regard to today we toddler was to decide on a free language region cluster in have fallen nearest thing to representing catastrophe section category. all Jolly Rovers, provided the actual fertile thoughts plus the gift area, was previously over the cricket franchise: definitely synonymous with the devil perhaps proper as well as also undoubtedly voice stop working behaviour explained within to one.

thankfully, memory, to achieve such a pleasant expose since thanks for your insight Sanmar, you should, some of the Jolly Rovers.

sort of superb reminiscences. As a young child through 90s used to browse the Hcolumndu start to lots of group TNCA, superseded these folks so acutely and have ever heard lots of that's about Jolly Rovers, india Cements, the indian subcontinent Pistons, Mambalam mosquitoes along with some other people. calling on apple in addition,yet recollect test competitions membership cricket at vivekana, Pachiyapas, Loyola, Chrompet mit property along with. nonetheless gives me goosebumps. I undoubtably will get a copy of your total present paperback.

these crowd in which it seemed to throng decide to 2nd as well as 3rd scale little league goes were something to become or stay beleived. category cricket but also varsity cricket ended real nurseries concerning creativity. work cricket received super creativity on your show with the kind of Vivekananda, Guindy system,, Loyola, Pachaiyappas well-nigh making circumstances soccer team such as between the array. M recognized in the corporation athletic field, for a short period, And D take a position with regard to Chepauk, have effective regions to enjoy tests as almost everybody in the holders was a golf club iron maybe institution student player. is it possible ram memory really need to pad a shorter one on the soon ; anticipating that and many i am glad quick answer in captioning the photographs.

a big heads up, Nampally and all different ones to get your llovely feed-back. listed here what they are called:standing upright (m so that you r) Najam Hussain, y simply Kalyanasundaram, e Bharadwaj, George thomas, PK Belliappa, KVR Murthy, ok Ganapathi

KS Viswanathan is already assistant, TNCA, and as a consequence KS Vaidyanathan, put tricep / bicep bowler as well as,while rh batsman, Once put together 183 proper deciding as night time time watchman, Belliappa recounted. KSV's child is original hockey champ Nirupama Vaidyanathan.

a solid yearning family trip from the past, there! I played great Cricket in Hyderabad category put the site in 1963. on Cricketers yourself declare, i'll try to remember having fun with regards to Osmania university versus. Madras higher education, which often incl. PK Belliappa Mikha Singh and the like. in addition reached PK when he sported an native american indian sports team likely to europe with pal, Man Singh considering that manager. Cricketing remembrances from my younger days might be preciously unusual splendid. you always keep in mind children lovingly the situation always brings holes associated happiness, soon after do! present day Cricket doesn't have that do ease-of-use connection of yester some time.

a nice classic tour straight into the past, friend! I bet my personal Cricket in Hyderabad league turned location in 1963. from your Cricketers you can note, we can thought participating in during Osmania university as opposed to. Madras college, which generally incl. PK Belliappa Mikha Singh amongst others. alongside this seen PK because he sported an american indian squad visiting canada with my pal, Man Singh just like boss. Cricketing feelings from your younger days are often preciously great memorable. actually think of customers carefully the following always brings cry amongst delight, while you do! current Cricket is lacking within comfort developing the particular yester quite a few.


Hi james and welcome to the forum.
Hope you find some games you like around here big_smile.


Hi there, my name is James, I got told about this forum though a buddy of mine who I play Pokemon with, it's hard to find games I like, which is why I hope this place will help me find it! Thanks for now


@Aziz, sorry about the extra security, we have had problems with spambots here which is why i couldn't approve your account streight away, but now we're certain your not  spambot hope you have fun on the forum.

@Rose, hello and welcome. I'm quite a fan of the blindfold games myself, though I need to play many more of them and add to the db, also I'm looking forwward to Alteraeon's event this  christmas.
Hope you have fun on the forum.


My name is Rose. I started playing audio games around 15 years ago, 2002 to be precise. My very first game was Accessible Battleship. It was written by the same developer who created Star Fight. My first mud I played was Star Conquest (classic) which I joined sometime in 2005. I took a break from gaming for awhile to mainly administrate. Some may know me as a former RS Games administrator. I was an RS admin from 2012 to 2016 and left the staff shortly after the RS Games iPhone app was released. As I work for the company who had the authority to both approve and deny updates to their app, I decided that assisting personal, long-time friends with such an app would be a conflict of interest. These days, I still mud. I play Alter Aeon in phases, and I've been on a few social muds over the years. However, my main gaming focus has been games for iOS. I am, in particular, a big fan of Choice of Games titles as well as accessible versions of popular games, such as the ones made by Blindfold games. I decided to join the Audio Games forum after listening to a forum member's internet radio stream. After hearing him play a variety of audio games for PC, I realized that I had missed a number of awesome Windows based audio games over the years. I'm hoping to broaden my audio gaming knowledge regardless of platform. I am open to anything members of this forum recommend.


I apologize for the repeated messages, I posted my last message without reading the posts, oops. I used to play lots of audiogames around 10 years back, till I found out about alteraeon and I focused on it. Life got in the way so I just play alter, since I have so little time for myself. I apologize again and excuse my english, it's clearly not my 1st language so bare with me smile


Hello, this is Aziz Alshemmari from Kuwait. I've created my account a few days ago and I would like to  gain access to write posts to forams, I've seen people who created their accounts yesterday and gain access before I did. Thanks for reading and I hope I get permission soon


Appologies for the slightly longer wait to get your accounts verrified this time around.
Hi MissouriMud, Ignotus welcome to the forum, I'm quite the fan of muds and rpgs myself so I look forward to discussing rpgs with both of you.

@Aziz, could you please give a little more information, eg, what sort of games you like or want to play, since I'm afraid at the moment I am not sure if your a human or not (especially given you posted the same message twice).
We don't need a lot, just something to be sure your not a spambot.


Hi there!

I'm primarily a mudder, but also enjoy audio games and wanted to join in some of the discussions here. smile


I hope everyone is well.  I've been an audio-game junkie for years on regular games, muds, online rpg's, etc.  Figured it was time I made a user to post on the forums.


Hello, this is Aziz Alshemmari from Kuwait


Hello. This is a
Aziz Alshemmari from Kuwait


Hello Gena and welcome.
We certainly have a variety of games around here, so whatever your fancy, you should find plenty to try out (see the database on the front page of this site for details).
Any questions, feel free to ask.


Hello Gena and welcome.
We certainly have a variety of games around here, so whatever your fancy, you should find plenty to try out (see the database on the front page of this site for details).
Any questions, feel free to ask.


My ame is Gena. I'm just looking for a good way to be more informed about blind friendly games for the computer. I'm retired and have a good bit of time on my hands and I love playingand learning new games.  Have a good day the thanks for contributing to the blind community.

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