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Hello aryamansingh, hope you have fun on the forum.


hi I am aryaman from India delhi I love audio games and I have been playing them from passed 3 years and  I would like to joine this forum and become one of the members in the forum


Hi Zuckus, if your into audiogames this is the right place, hope you have  fun and find some good strategies.


Hey, it's Zuckuss here, into audiogames, especially for windows. I've been playing them for a while now, and I'm interested to see what others in the forum think and strategies they use.


@aryamansingh, hello and welcome.
Please say a little more so that we can be sure your not a spambot, e.g are you interested in audiogames?

We don't need a huge introduction, just something to make %100 sure your actually a human being.


I am aryaman I have recently joined the audiogames forum today only


@Dark, Thanks I surely will! smile


@nocturnalrider, Hello and welcome to the forum. Hopefully  have fun around here, btw, yee gods how many people are joining just because of A hero's call?).

@vaibhavbhandari2017, welcome to you too. Your certainly not our first member from India or our first student on the forumn either, hopefully you'll find this a good place to be.



Really sorry about missing people off here however hopefully I can catch up:

@insomnoir, welcome to the forum, A hero's gcall is a great game, hope you enjoy yourself around here (your girlfriend is also welcome to join too if she wishes).

@avernon, damnation! really sorry I didn't notice your message earlier (I don't know if my mail notifications went wonky there).  either way your account is unrestricted and we look forward to chatting about Land of Livia, which I'm currently playing on my phone right now, waiting for my character to get from one place to another big_smile.


Hi everyone, I am Vaibhav and I am from India. I am blind since my birth. I had registered my account since last 1 month or so and I just now came to know about that I have to right an introductary message for replying to any post. I am a big fan of audiogames and I love them very much. Have a nice day!


Hi everyone, My name is Vaibhav and I am from Delhi India. I am blind since my birth. I am currently a student and I like to play audiogames very much. I have read many articles and posts in this forum and I like to read them. Have a nice day!


Hello everyone,

I am Nocturnalrider.
My real name is Edis, I am from Denmark and I have been blind since the age of 2.
I am 26, and I have a huge love for audiogames.
Right now, I am playing a hero's call which is undoubtedly one of the best games out there right now, and certainly the best RPG.

I look forward to many nice discussions and conversations with you guys.

Cheers and take care of each other.




Hi there, my name is Aaron and I am the creator of iOS game Land of Livia -

There has been great support from this community so far and I would like to engage in the conversation so that I can make the game even better.





I am new to audio games but not a newbie gamer. My girlfriend and I are really enjoying A Hero's Call and look forward to playing more games like this. We would love access to the forums to be able to ask questions and share our thoughts and experiences.

Chad & Jeanette


Dark wrote:

Hi gjp1311
I'm quite a fan of text based games myself and very much enjoy Warsim, hope you have fun on the forum.

Bare in mind since the focus here is games accessible to visually impaired and blind people you won't find discussion of too many types of games here other than in terms of their accessibility.

Santuary rpg for example sounds great, but sadly ascii art and screen reading programs don't mix very well.

Yeah, I saw on another thread people talking about how it was hard to read ASCII games because of the top down 2d map ! One of the reasons I joined here, is because I'm not sure how to present the right way a game for the visually impaired. I'm testing it using the Microsoft Narrator for now, and I'm having difficulties because some of the commands were actually punctuation, and the narrator simply does not read those out loud! I have much to learn yet!
Thank you for the welcome!

PS: Sorry for my english, it isn't my first language.

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