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Hey there!
I'm Kevin (also known as KJ). I'm a new player of audiogames from the US, and am interested in learning more and contributing to discussions of new games, existing games, strategies, and other such topics.
See all around!


Hello Beetracks and welcome.
We look forward to playing any games you develop, feel free to ask any questions you want on the forum, and hope you have fun.


Hello! I'm beetracks, I'm participating in the Audiogame Jam 2. It is my first attempt at an audiogame and I am enjoying so far.



Apologies to both of you, I was rather busy today so didn't get to check the forum this morning, still your accounts are unrestricted now.

@tysonsylvester123, good to hear about the cyber assault fix, I've had my own confusions with the mud myself so good it's got some upgrades. There is a cyber  assault topic in new releases, perhaps you  could post changes and updates there?
@dmesg, welcome to the forum, we know code 7 well and have played the beta, hope you have fun discussing the game and trying out many other titles.



I'm dmesg (not my real name of course tongue) , i'm playing  for the first time an audio game, code7: .  Very interesting :-)


i like how this system works, nice job


Hello everyone, bosstone from cyberassault mud here. We have been making improvements to our game to make it more friendly for screen readers. I just wanted to let you all know that there has been updates made to our soundpack recently. If you log on with your favorite mud client do a help vip in game for more information. Much appreaciation to you all and your great community.


Jeremy wrote:

This is Jeremy Hartley, and I am most certainly not a spambot. Grin

Hmmm, sounds like something a spambot would say! Lol.

Glad you've made it to the forum, and hope you have a lot of fun round here, btw, yes, this is the same Dark from the  entombed list etc.


This is Jeremy Hartley, and I am most certainly not a spambot. Grin

I have been a totally blind gamer since going back to the days of the Atari 2600. My only claim to fame for audio games is that I was the voice of the mysterious wizard in the introduction of Entombed.

I have recently purchased an Xbox, and have been learning my way around games like EA Sports UFC 2, which I was considering putting together a rough guide to help other blind gamers.



Thanks Dark! I posted there looking for some additional feedback.


Hello and welcome to the forum.
That sounds fantastic, I read over the instructions for   junction   gate myself and  it sounded amazing, though I've not tried the game yet owing to being rather busy moving house at the moment.

We have  been looking for an accessible single player  complex space exploration game for a long while, since the majority of accessible browser ones have been very  heavy on the pvp.

So it's great your looking  making the game accessible.
The junction gate topic can be found  the new releases room, and I'll be glad to try the game myself as well.


Hi, I'm Benjamin, a developer at a company called Virtuosi Media. I've developed a online game called Junction Gate, which some of the users here have discovered, so I'm looking to gather some feedback to make it more accessible.


Thanks, Dark.

After a long time in development I'm really looking forward to having the project ready for release, and will write up something to gauge interest and post it in general game discussion.

As this is a research project and not just a stand-alone piece of software, when it's released I'd like to invite users to participate in a usability study to try to get a handle on whether the software's effective or not (i.e. is it any good?). The trial itself will be human ethics certified (by FedUni), aimed only at adults aged 18 years or older, and come with a plain language information statement explaining all conditions of participation, so I'd hope that it would fall within acceptable use of the forums for me to ask if anyone would like to participate at a later date.



Hi and welcome.

The project  definitely sounds fascinating and we have fans of fighting games here.
I've freed up your account so feel tree to tell us about your research in general game discussion, then post something in new releases when you have some software people can test out and play with.


Hi there,

My name's Al and I'm a full-time university lecturer and part-time Ph.D student at Federation University Australia (about an hour and change north-west of Melbourne).

My current research topic is work on novel/assistive input/output technologies, and as part of that I've just spent the last 20 months writing a piece of software that adds customisable sonification cues to video games (based on changes in the games' internal state) designed to assist blind or visually impaired players. The software is largely geared towards adding sonification to fighting games at the moment, but I'm confident that it can be adapted to a wide variety of genres.

As such, I thought this might be a great place to announce the release of my software (it's not quite finished yet - but it will be very soon, think this month). When released, the software including full source code will be freely available on GitHub under the MIT license.

Thanks & look forward to chatting with you in the future!


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