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I do not know with the last post!


Hi Rio and welcome.
this is certainly the place to learn about programming  and playing audiogames, so hope you have fun here.
Any questions, please feel free to ask.


Hi. My name is Rio from Indonesia. I am a blind. I have a bit of programming science, and I am very interested in developing computer games that can be accessed by the visually impaired. I want to join this forum so I can learn a lot about game audio and some game making machine like bgt and others. Please help my friend. Sorry for my poor english.


Well I have slain the spam so hopefully they won't be back and this thread can stay for legitimate users only.


Well, it looks like this person was confined to only posting in one thread, which would be a lot easier to clean up than having to hunt for which ones they posted in.


Well, almost 600 posts, but I really wan a spam you with normal things over to 8000 to get the rang with my name!


Hi Kerry and welcome.

I'm an IPhone user myself, albeit I still play a lot of things on the pc and web too, so lots of discussion of that sort of thing going on on the forum.
Hope you have fun.


Hello People.  I'm Kerry.  I enjoy playing games and meeting new people.  I'm an iPhone user mainly but I do play games on other clients on the web.  I joined because I saw an OT about a new device in google but I do enjoy playing games too.  I'm a mum so don't get that much time unfortunately.


Hi sotla and welcome.
As you might have gathered we're mud fans around here, especially muds that have some sort of adaptations  for blind/vi players, so feel free to start a new thread about your mud.


hi. i'm sotla and i run the MOO named Stillborn.

i signed up because i spotted mention of my game on the thread for the nuclear legend MUD and wanted to dissuade people from advertising my game on another thread. additionally i've been getting a decent amount of players from here as well.


Oh no, a spambot with nearly 600 posts what shal we do? big_smile.

Seriously, nice to get an intro. it actually makes me wonder if the introductions thread from general game discussion should be moved to this part of the forum  probably closed so that people don't get confused as to which threaed is which.


I am Angel here, but my real name is Dragos.
I am from Romania and I am here to help and to get answers for questions.
Well, I am a spam bot or not?
Well, I wan a be in topik.


Greetings Audioverse.  That sounds like a fascinating project,  ineractive fiction of various kinds is definitely something we appreciate around here, so feel free to post a topic  in New releases and I'm sure you'll have lots of people interested in testing out your sight.

Btw I'm rather interested myself to see what 3d interactive fiction involves.


Hello!  I'm Ian and I'm working on a website for writing and playing 3D Audio interactive fiction games right in the browser.

We now have text-to-speech working making the games fully blind accessible (I think!), and I'd like to find people interested in helping test the website and game accessibility.


Hello Shane and welcome.
Hope you have fun in the offtopic room or wherever else.

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