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HI Kevin,
You are now unrestricted.


Hello everybody,
my name is Kevin, i am the programmer of the gamestudio Everbyte (I tried to add a "Everbyte"-Tag in my name, think i failed? lol).
I am really faszinated about the community and support we get on our game "Sound of Magic".
I want to help on technical questions and maybe give some hints about riddles as well if needed.


Luke and Paige, welcome to the forum, you are both unrestricted.


Hi. My name is Paige, and I really like audiogames. Some games I play are STW, SBYW, Oh Shit, and Crazy Party.


Hi, my name is Luke and that's the name I usually use in most games. I've been on the forums for a while but never got around to finishing making an account. last I checked I was a human. the only other thing I could say about myself is that I'm a professional newb at everything related to audiogaming.


Hi blind vador, welcome, you are now unrestricted.



am in last year of web developpement studying.

am in france and trying to put a maximum of audio game in french.

I love sound design, experiences, and muding.

too, am an air soft player. so I play fps in IRL,...

I have my hown ridiculusly small youtube chanel, and try to make it a life, with presentation of audio games and other things like this.

and yes, am totaly blind... like many of you.


Hi Dennis, welcome to the forum, you are now unrestricted.


Hi guys. This is DHTStudios, or known to you as DHT too.
This is the first time i've managed to run this Website. I want to make some new cool games, and than I want to tell you About These here!



Hi Christian, , welcome to the forum. You are now unrestricted, happy gaming!


Hi, my name is Christian, and I love  playing audio games. I would like to join the audio games community because I would like to discover them and play them as they come oute


Hello, my name is Christian and I am 11 years old.  I also have a very good sense of humor, and love playing audio games… Well the iOS and android audio games




Hi Nathon, welcome to the forum, you are now unrestricted.


I am Nathon, a low vision 21 years old guy from US. Currently I am about to finish my high school and coding is my hobby. I cant wait to experience and meet with the wonderful people hanging out on this platform!
But wait, in order to do that, I'd need my account activated!

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