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Hi, my name is Christian, and I love  playing audio games. I would like to join the audio games community because I would like to discover them and play them as they come oute


Hello, my name is Christian and I am 11 years old.  I also have a very good sense of humor, and love playing audio games… Well the iOS and android audio games




Hi Nathon, welcome to the forum, you are now unrestricted.


I am Nathon, a low vision 21 years old guy from US. Currently I am about to finish my high school and coding is my hobby. I cant wait to experience and meet with the wonderful people hanging out on this platform!
But wait, in order to do that, I'd need my account activated!


Thanks Arq.


Hi Josh. Welcome, and you are now unrestricted.


Hello everyone. My name is Josh. I've been hanging around the forum for a number of years now and thought I'd like to join the discussion.

I've been blind since birth, so I've never taken much of an interest in mainstream games. As to audio games, someone got me Grizzly Gulch Western Extravaganza way back in 2001 or so. A few years later, I discovered this website and all the different audio games out there and haven't looked back.

I enjoy audio games of all types, but I prefer games that have some action but give my brain a workout as well. Anyway, I'm glad to be here and hope to be unrestricted soon.


Many thanks for the prompt resolution of this issue!


Hi Ilya! Welcome to the forum, you are now unrestricted.


Hello, my name is Ilya!
I want to post on this forum!
I learned about the gaming forum for a long time, but I didn’t register anything.
As you well see, I do not know English well, but despite this, I can read and understand the text written in English without great difficulty!
I ask the respected administration to remove the restriction from my account so that I can join the discussion of various game issues in this wonderful platform.
Thanks in advance for your reply and help!


Durándal, He's trying to get permission to give him a lisence ok?


Ok this guy is clearly a bot.


Hello i am TT gamer and, i want to gain access so i can post stuff on this great site. thank you in advance.


@TT_Gamer which games do you like to play?

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